An exquisite selection of our finest  spirits for a special moment.

The amber B13 Rum stands out with its fine sweetness and long exit. Its extraordinary cask storage time of
13 years conveys a noticeably ripe note and full aroma.

- Distilled in the elaborate pot-still procedure
- Stored up to 13 years
- Matured in a Double Wood, Bourbon and Cognac cask


The foundation of our B13 Gin is a mild high-quality spirit made from sugar cane. Refined with carefully selected botanicals, the spirit matures in oak barrels. The result: extraordinary richness combined with subtle depth.

-    Refined with 13 delicate herbs like licorice, centaury  

     and ginger root.   
-    Aged for several weeks in the finest handmade oak   
     barrels from Limousin in France.


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