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There’s nothing subjective about taste, it’s a question of judgement. Our customers know the difference between good quality and bad. For them, taste is more than a sensory impression, it’s a cultural ideal.


Our customers’ love of quality guides them in their decisions. Our mission is to do justice to their judgement – with all of our products. Whether it’s a matter of pipes, cigars, tobacco or liquor, our customers’ good taste is our driving force.


Rare Rosado wrapper and three-year leaves maturing from the oldest cigar factory in Nicaragua.


Advanced technology and 150 years of pipe manufacturing experience.


Selected premium tobaccos from the best growing regions of the world.


bentley is

our mission to

fulfill the highest expectations.

we belive:

real pleasure

comes from


we have:

the will to make a difference.

we know:

not everyone understands a supreme effort.

B13 Spirits_W.png

An exquisite selection of our finest  spirits for a special moment.

B13 Fass.png

The amber B13 Rum stands out with its fine sweetness and long exit. Its extraordinary cask storage time of
13 years conveys a noticeably ripe note and full aroma.

- Distilled in the elaborate pot-still procedure
- Stored up to 13 years
- Matured in a Double Wood, Bourbon and Cognac cask

B13 Fass.png
Rum_2-EXTRA OLD.png

A special treat from Barbados, with the proud rum tradition
of its country of origin in its heart.

Anker 1

13 carefully selected

ingredients guarantee an unique tasting experience.

The foundation of our B13 Gin is a mild high-quality spirit made from sugar cane. Refined with carefully selected botanicals, the spirit matures in oak barrels. The result: extraordinary richness combined with subtle depth.

-    Refined with 13 delicate herbs like licorice, centaury  

     and ginger root.   
-    Aged for several weeks in the finest handmade oak   
     barrels from Limousin in France.

B13 Fass.png
Anker 2
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